SEO Content Writing Services

Content is the king these days and everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google but only a few websites can rank on the top, why is it so?

SEO Content Writing Services

It’s because quantity over quality does not work anymore. To rank higher on Google, you need to optimize your website as well as the content. Studies have shown that businesses with good content or blogs get 120% more leads.

Businesses need content marketing to engage with their customers to promote their products or introduce new products in the market. Content marketing is one of the most successful lead generation tactics and companies are investing huge sums in it.

It requires SEO articles or product descriptions or any other web content so that they can rank higher in search engines and attract huge organic traffic that can later turn into customers.


We at Socinova, know how to create content that converts visitors into customers, helps you rank higher and increases your brand value. We understand your business goals and create content that will help you achieve your business objectives.

Our expert SEO content writing services create unique and engaging content by adding highly searched keywords that fit naturally with your content and in a proper format.


Socinova has been providing the best SEO content writing services in India across various industries. The way we work is by researching the market, analysing the business objectives, developing the tone that aligns with the brand and creating contents that build engagements.

Our content  impresses our clients and their customers as we follow the best and top-notch SEO practices and provide content that performs well in India as well as globally.



Our SEO Content Writing Services Include

1. Article writing

We have professional SEO article writers that will help you boost your online presence by writing amazing SEO articles. Our SEO article writing service will help you generate valuable backlinks to your site and attract readers which can be later turned into customers.

Good article writing requires a huge effort, time and smart work so it’s better to leave it to experts. 


2. Blog Writing

A blog is one of the best ways to create content which is search engine optimised and is more likely to create engagement with the customers.

Our expert SEO blog writers will develop fresh blogs for your website by performing extensive research and guarantee good results.


3. Web content writing

Our SEO content writing service offers various web content for many industries ranging from small businesses to multinational companies.


4. Product descriptions

Pages or articles which describe your products or services are essential to educating your customers or visitors about what you have to offer. Get a product description that is SEO friendly and get more traffic and sales.


5. Newsletter writing

One of the best ways to generate more leads and increase your sales is by creating quality newsletters so that you can grab readers’ attention.

Our expert SEO newsletter writers will create custom newsletters that are engaging and captivating. Our team will ensure that the message syncs with your business objectives.


6. eBook writing

Everyone can have the idea for an ebook but they may not have the proper skills and time to create it. Being one of the best SEO content writing services in India, we provide excellent eBook writing services.

The eBook composed by our experts is a great way to attract traffic to your website or blog. 


7. Technical writing

Our technical writing experts can help you describe complicated products precisely and concisely so that it became easier for the user to understand the product.

Our SEO content writing service uses the best tools, practices, tactics to give you a competitive edge.


SEO Content Writing Tips and Guidelines

You now know how important SEO is to rank higher on search engines and attract organic traffic to your website. But what are the actual processes and ways to make your content optimised for search engines? Let us find out.


Write what your audience needs

The first and the most important SEO content writing tip is to create contents that your audience is interested in. Before starting to write or create any content, research what your customers want and are searching on the internet. 

Not all the posts that you create need to be about your product or service, some can be educative and provide information to the readers. Just the thing is that the post should be related to your niche or industry.


Do your keyword research

After researching about what to write, the next important SEO content writing guideline is to do your keyword research. Look for the keywords or phrases that your target market audiences are searching for.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword research tool of your own. Make sure that you choose the keyword with the low or medium competition but high search volumes.


Add the targeted keywords in a natural flow

Now, after deciding what keywords to use, it is time to include those keywords in your article in such a way that it fits naturally. This is one of the most important SEO content writing guidelines.

Simply dumping the keywords will not work and you also cannot force it. The best practice is to include the most important keywords in the first 300 words and also in the headings.

Also, beware that too many keywords will harm your ranking so choose wisely.


Produce long form content

Studies have shown that search engines prefer long content over short content because longer articles or blogs provide in-depth information on the topic and have relatively lower bounce rates. Make sure that your content is at least 1500 words.


Utilise images 

The next SEO article writing tip is to include images to your blog or article. In search engines like Google, millions of people search for images each day and you will be able to get more traffic to your website.

You have to add the keywords or phrase to alt tag of your image as well as the name of the image. Make sure that the image is yours or royalty-free.


So, now that you understand the importance of SEO content writing services and how we’re able to provide the same to you, it’s time to check our pricing for more info and call us for a consultation!



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