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Are you a business owner or individual and want to create an impact visually with your professional presentation ppt? Most firms or businesses use presentations daily to inform their investors, buyers or to educate their employees.

Power Point Presentation Services Socinova India

Presentations are also a regular part of managing, where one needs to share the company’s goals or to train the employees on how to use new software or tool.

Most businesses or organizations use PowerPoint to produce effective presentation ppt as they are quick to create and update. But without having a good combination of elements such as text, images, colors, infographics, charts it won’t be able to serve the purpose excellently.

The slides can be both great and informative or it may be some boring bunch of slides that contain large blocks of text and visually distracting images. The main motive of a presentation is to create an engagement with your audience so you have to create an effective presentation ppt. 

You cannot afford to have a bad presentation in front of your audience so let us take care of your business presentation design.

We at Socinova provide professional presentation ppt design services that will help you to wow your audience with top-notch design, interaction and effectively engage with the audiences. Your presentation must tell a story and that is exactly how we design our customer’s presentation. 

Our team of experts knows the perfect color combinations between the elements and typography that will make the presentation impactful.

We provide responsive PowerPoint designs for specific screen sizes as with the advancements in technology, users are using different devices to present their presentation. 

Faster turnarounds

Our team of experts will deliver professional presentations ppt quickly to you so that you can leave a great impression on your audiences. Our special work method allows us to deliver faster and wow our customers.


Amazing design

We have an experienced team of professional designers who make the presentation visually appealing with beautiful infographics, chats, color combinations, and fonts.

Each slide should be breathable and should be clear and impactful. The slides will have an amazing design as well as will be able to convey the message perfectly.


Problem-solving approach

If our client faces any problem we solve them. We think that everything is solvable and will help you find ways to get the solutions. Just tell us what you need and we will do it.


Unbeatable customer service

We value our customers and provide unbeatable customer service so that you never have to wait. Message us or talk with us whenever you need it. We are always there.


How to make a nice presentation

Let us discuss some basics do’s and don’ts for creating effective presentation PPT. Basics are the most important things that you need to take off to create a professional presentation PPT.



You may have heard the phrase “Less is always more”. There is no need of putting lots of elements in one slide. This will only make the presentation complex and distracting.


Use more graphics than words

Using to many text or words will make your presentation less appealing and will bore the audiences. The main objective is to drive the focus of your audience. So how to do that. Simply put more high-quality graphics like graphs, charts, gifs to keep them interested.


Clean formatting 

Follow a consistent color and font size, style in each of your slides. Point out the important sentences using bullet points. Each slide should not have more than 3 points.


Each slide should contain one takeaway

Keep the information in digestible amount and avoid putting all at once.
Your audience will stay more focused if you provide them with the right information in the right amount.

Now that we have discussed the basic tips on how to make a nice presentation, let us dive into PowerPoint presentation tips and guidelines that you must follow to create an effective presentation PPT.


How to make a nice presentation

  • Avoid the use of flashy transitions as these features are pretty much irrelevant now and can distract the audiences. Those fly-ins effects are long gone now so rather choose simple transitions.
  • The most effective PowerPoint presentation guideline is that your presentation must be like a relatable story. Compelling storytelling will grab everyone's attention by creating an immersing experience. Storytelling can help you to connect with your audience emotionally and make your presentation more memorable.
  • Use HD images that are related to your message. Use high-resolution images if you want to present on larger screens.
  • Create a professional presentation ppt by choosing the right color combinations. Use contrasting colors for text and your background. Either use lighter text on a darker background or use a darker text on a lighter background. Wrong combinations can reduce the readability of the text.
  • The most important PowerPoint presentation guideline is to not overuse animations. Those special effects could have a negative impact so choose wisely. 

Some more PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks

Design and graphics

  • One of the most effective PowerPoint presentation tricks is to use simple and elegant design templates
  • Limit the amount of information by including only necessary information.
  • Maintain the consistency of your fonts, color, styles, etc.
  • Try to keep the background subtle.
  • Use not more than two large size images.
  • The images should be of consistent size.
  • Leave empty space around text or graphics to create a breathable area.
  • Avoid using flashy images or low-quality images.
  • Less number of slides are preferred as you can lose the focus of your audience with too many slides.

Fonts and colors

  • Select easy to read fonts with no font size smaller than 24 points.
  • Use the same font style on all your headings.
  • Use different boldness and font sizes to differentiate heading with sub-heading.
  • It is better to avoid italic fonts as it may be harder to read.
  • Keep the sentences short.
  • Do not capitalize on every alphabet.
  • It is advisable to test the font on the screen before using it.
  • Use limited colors on a single slide.
  • Choose a brighter color to make small objects stand out.
  • Make sure to check the color on your projection screen before presenting it.

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